New Herbal Product Lines Combine Eastern Wisdom and Western Science

Dr. Bintee Gumman and Dr. Amit Gumman

Two new herbal health product lines have been created by Dr. Amit Gumman, founder of the integrative healing clinic Harmony Healing Center, in Oklahoma City, and his wife, Dr. Bintee Gumman, president of their new company, Harmony Nutraceuticals.

While working on his naturopathic medicine degree at Osmania University in Hyderabad, India, Dr. Gumman realized his true passion and desire to bridge Eastern medicine with Western science. He later completed his Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery, Doctorate of Acupuncture, Doctor of Medicine and Master of Public Health degrees. “I moved to Oklahoma over 24 years ago and quickly saw the need to focus on introducing Eastern traditional medicine like acupuncture and Ayurveda as well as alternative healing practices such as herbology, naturopathy and yoga to the western culture.” Dr. Gumman has been practicing in Oklahoma City since 1994, and in 2001 he opened Harmony Healing Center, which offers a wide range of alternative healing therapies.

Dr. Gumman “meets people where they are at”, encouraging them to listen to their emotions and bodies, and to bridge their current Western regimen with an Eastern tradition and then feel the difference for themselves. After several years of consulting with his patients and using the best ayurvedic herbal formulas and classical blends he could find, he wasn’t satisfied with what he was seeing. “I wanted more,” he says, “I wanted pure products from start to finish.”

A patron for the environment, fair-trade practices, non-GMOs, and sustainable organic farming, Dr. Gumman began researching manufacturing companies and organic farms. He formed a team of international experts of Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, modern medicine, naturopathy and pharmaceuticals. This includes the “legendary” Dr. Hari Sharma, the founder and Dean at National Institute of Ayurveda, Government of India.

With the overwhelming support from the ayurvedic community, Dr. Gumman and his wife created Harmony Nutraceuticals. Dr. Bintee Gumman coordinates and oversees the operation of the company and the procurement of the fair-trade and sustainably sourced raw materials. “We wanted to offer high-quality herbs, classical ayurvedic formulae and proprietary blends to the world at an affordable price,” says Dr. Gumman —and that’s what they did.

“The supplements of Harmony Nutraceuticals are nurtured by nature, made with love, supported by the wisdom of life, backed by science, and based on evidence. The products are non-GMO, halal, kosher, gluten-free and vegan. No fillers. The plant-based premium and larger capsules give the customer more value for their money,” Dr. Gumman explains.

As purity and quality are extremely important to the Gummans, the products are a synergistic blend of maximum potency extracts and full spectrum herbs that were formulated by a team of ayurvedic, naturopathic, and allopathic doctors in India and the U.S. Product development and stringent quality control were overseen by a team of expert scientists, chemists and pharmacists, and the products are grown and harvested by a coalition of organic, bio-dynamic farmers, and fair-trade, sustainable harvesters.

Harmony Nutraceuticals has two product lines, both of which will be available in June. The Pure Ayurvedic –Premium Capsule line has single herbs, classical formulae and proprietary blends. “For utmost results, an optimum combination of pure whole herb and highly concentrated extracts are used. Many of the products are fortified with Triperine, our proprietary blend of extracts of black pepper, long pepper and ginger for enhanced absorption and bioactivity,” describes Dr. Gumman.

The Gummans’ Integrative Line integrates the best of ayurvedic, Chinese medicine and modern nutraceuticals, he says, describing it as “a judicious and scientific process which involves the blending of ancient time wisdoms and modern clinical research, including Nobel Prize winning medical breakthroughs.” In addition to over 60 supplements available across the two product lines, Harmony Nutraceuticals also offers pure powders, jams, and bulk extracts and powders.

Dr. Amit Gumman sums up his work nicely. “Bridging the gap between Eastern and Western medicine, ancient wisdom and modern science has always been my life path,” he declares.

Harmony Healing Center is located at 3701 NW 62nd St., Oklahoma City. For information about the products and product pricing, visit For more information on Harmony Healing Center, call 405-947-HEAL (4325) or visit