Know Shankhpushpi Benefits

Know Shankhpushpi Benefits

Shankhpushpi: Health Benefits, Facts, Properties & Uses

Shankhpushpi – All In One And One In All Plant – Herb Boost In Nature

Shankhpushpi is a nutritive multipurpose forage legume of the tropics.
Botanical name: Clitoria Ternatea & Blue butterfly Pea Flower

Meanings of Shankhpushpi:
Aparajitha     –     (one who is never defeated)
Gokarna         –     (shape of cow’s ear)
Saukarnika    –     (Good-natured)
Nilkanth         –     (favorite flower of Shiva)
Sangu poo      –     (shape of a conch)

– Blue flowers
– White flowers

Mythological Origin:
It is a ‘Heavenly plant’ brought to earth by Guru Shukkrachariar.

Why Shankhpushpi considered Heavenly plant?

Spiritual Belief:
Aparajitha means one who is never defeated. It is synonymous with Sakthi. So it is a favorite flower of Lord Shiva and Durga. Vedas also suggest specific flowers for Shivaratri. One such flower is Aparajitha or Shankhpushpi the deep blue color flower is considered to attract the power of tolerance by the deity and it is one of the 5 flowers that Lord Ganesha loves.

Astrological science
Sanigragha Aradhana with blue Shankhpushpi lessens the intensity of Saneeshwara it seems.

Vedic texts describe the energies within plants and their use as medicines. Each herb embodies energies or vibrations that match the vibration or energy in the human body. So, all-natural things like herbs, sounds, colors, aromas, and food when used properly act as medicines. So in Ayurvedic medicine Shankhpushpi has been consumed for centuries as a brain and nerve tonic, anti-stress and calmative.

What is Shankhpushpi gifted with?
It is gifted with
– Flavonoids
– Peptides
– Anthocyanins
– Butelase
– Quercetin
– Cyclotides
– Glucosides 
– Phenolic compounds
– Acetylcholine. etc…

When to use Shankhpushpi?
– If you are Diabetic
– If you are stressed and  feeling low
– If you are hit with an anxiety disorder
– If you have problems in conceiving
– If you have Stressed eyes with too much exposure to screen and light
– If you have very early graying of hair
– If you want to rejuvenate your dull skin
– If you have a problem of hair loss, thinning of hair and early baldness
This herb will surely be helpful………

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The actions of Shankhpushpi on different systems.   
    It works on all systems in our body.

– Digestive system – It acts as an antiemetic and improves digestion.

– Urinary system – The Diuretic nature of Shankhpushpi helps in healing Dysuria.

– Reproductive system – It is Haemostatic in nature. It Controls uterus bleeding when the flower powder is taken daily. Its spermatogenic nature aids in normal sperm production and helpful in increasing sperm count.

– Respiratory system – It is an Anti-asthmatic and also helps to treat cough, cold, and various respiratory ailments.

– Cardio-Vascular system – The hemostatic property of this herb helps to control bleeding and also acts as a blood purifier.  Its anti-lipidemic nature decreases cholesterol in the blood and has a healthy heart.

– Central Nervous system – Shankhpushpi is a Nervine as it contains the brain and nerve tonic. It is Nootropic, so it helps in memory retention and brightens intellect. As Shankhpushpi is a Memory enhancer, it is useful to treat Alzheimer’s and is an Anticonvulsant and Antidepressant also. The flower has a tranquilizing effect on the brain.

– Integumentary system – Shankhpushpi enhances the beauty and nourishes the layers of the skin and Improves complexion. It promotes younger skin by protecting the skin against UV Rays. Extract from the root is also used to treat Leucoderma. The juice of the fresh leaves of Shankhpushpi mixed with Ginger juice can be used to control excessive sweating. In addition to the flowers, roots, and leaves, the seeds also have medicinal value. They are fried in ghee, powdered and consumed with hot water for skin diseases.
It is also used in the treatment for hair loss and helps in preventing early greying of hair.

– Skeletal system – The Anti-Arthritic nature of Shankhpushpi helps in Arthritis as an anti-inflammatory agent. The leaf extract is comparable to diclofenac sodium and helps to alleviate swelling and pain.

– Endocrine system – It is Anti-Diabetic – it can be used in the war against Diabetes.

Ongoing Human trials show the leaf and root extract of Shankhpushpi plant lower the blood glucose levels and the Plasma glucose levels were also suppressed by inhibiting glucose intake from diet. It reduces hyperthyroid.

Other therapeutic uses: 
Shankhpushpi plant is used in the treatment for Piles.  Piles are cleaned with the decoction and the paste of the whole plant is applied over it.

– Nasal drops are made from the leaves of the ShankhaPushpi Herb relieves headaches and migraines.

– Due to the presence of Flavonoids Shankhpushpi has an impact on cancer cells. So it is anti-cancerous also.

Vertigo – Shankhpushpi has a tranquilizing effect on the brain and hence used in vertigo.

– Because of Shankhpushpi’s overall cooling effect on the body, it is so useful during fever. Its antipyretic nature is comparable to Paracetamol.

– The Anti-Inflammatory property of the leaf extract of Shankhpushpi is comparable with Diclofenac Sodium.

– It has Antimicrobial and Anthelmintic property also. The root extract of this herb act as an inhibitor for mold and fungus growth.

– It is a good Anti-Oxidant and also has Anti-HIV property.

– Teething troubles of infants can be reduced with the decoction of Shankhpushpi flowers.

– The roots of the white Shankhpushpi are tied as an amulet or charm around the waist of pregnant women for about 7 days before the scheduled delivery date.  How this root facilitates normal delivery is beyond explanation by western science- but the fact that the tradition has persisted for thousands of years speaks for itself.

In Reiki, it is said,
“Say no to Negative energy” with this spiritual plant as the Shankhpushpi energizes and cleanses the space.

In Reiki meditation, they connect with the essence of Shankhpushpi herb to invite the energy of purification.

Feng shui
As Shankhpushpi Supreme gives “Invincible Aura” to the house which extends to its inhabitants as well, it is grown in the house to generate positive vibes.

In cuisines
– Used as a food colorant in consumer products
– To Color alcoholic Gins, tea, desserts and clothes
– To Increase  the polyphenolic and antioxidant content of sponge cakes
– It reduces  the predicted glycemic index of flour

Recent studies:

On Diabetes:
A series of in vitro studies on the effect of Shankhpushpi on carbohydrate Enzymes proved that it inhibits intestinal glucose absorption. So the studies say that it could be used for developing plant-based food for treatment and prevention of Diabetes.

For a Healthy Heart:
In one study, Shankhpushpi seeds and root extract were found to reduce triglycerides and the root extract was able to reduce total cholesterol shows that it has some positive effect on cardiovascular health.

For Fever:
A study suggested that the antipyretic effect of Shankhpushpi is comparable to that of Paracetamol.

For Asthma:
In one mouse study, the Shankhpushpi was proved to be as effective as an Asthmatic drug in the market.

All these experiments failed to notice any significant toxicity even in high dosages.

So make your loved ones live happily by using
Shankhpushpi“The Flower of wellness”

All the above benefits with NO SIDE EFFECT make the Shankhpushpi “A Majestic Herb”.

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