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The Harmony Difference

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Let Harmony Nutraceuticals help you

live a Naturally, Vibrant Life.


The Founders

Harmony Nutraceuticals™ is a brainchild of Dr. Amit Gumman which he started with his wife, Dr. Bintee Gumman, in 2016 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


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Dr. Gumman's Integrative Products

This range of products integrates the best of Ayurvedic, Chinese medicine and modern Nutraceuticals. A judicious and scientific process involves blending ancient, time wisdoms and modern clinical research with Nobel Prize medical breakthroughs.

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Pure Ayurvedic

This range of products has single herbs, classical formulae and proprietary blends. For utmost results, optimum combination of pure whole herb and high concentrated extracts are used. Many products are fortified with Triperine™, a proprietary blend of extracts of Black pepper, Piper longum and Ginger for enhanced absorption and bioavailability.

“My clients love products from Harmony. The packaging is very nice and the products itself are very high - quality products. I personally like Boswellia Gold and Guggul preparations. For me, these are very effective in immune harmony and relieving inflammation of joints and helps my clients with pain. And Most importantly, when you order, you always get the response very quickly. Thanks to Harmony and the entire team for the prompt service and response!”

Meenakshi Gupta

“Love these pure, potent and super effective formulas and the price is really reasonable.”

Jonathan Glass

“I very rarely endorse any product. These I will. Doctor Gumman has been a game changer in my life. And Ayurvedic made a bigger impact for my health/wellness than any other prescriptions ever have”

Carole Cannon
Licensed Massage Therapist
February 26 2019

I had my Crohn's Disease under control for several years by working with Dr. Gumman. But since we have introduced this level of supplements to my diet my body has increased its repair process. Life is better than it ever was.

Jeffrey Wolf

I have been delighted to find very high quality product back up by expertise and research and available at a reasonable price. What makes it truly special is these products are clean and produced using fair trade ethical practices. My clients have loved these products and have been in turn very helpful in my practice. I strongly recommend Harmony Nutraceuticals to any clinician or end user looking for wholistic nutraceuticals products.

RicharithaGundlapalli (Dr. Joy)
Founder, Medical Director, Minerva Clinic
HN testimonials for Cardio care

“I started taking Vital Synergy – Cardio Care last week. I’ve already noticed increased alertness, a higher energy level, more composure and focus. I love this product and will be a regular customer.”

Greenbasket CEO

“I been having low energy in my heart (ayurvedically talking) and experiencing pinching edema in my left foot. My edema went down in the first week 75%. My heart in my kapha finger after a month is pulsing strong now. I love the flavor and recommend it highly.”

Sonia Tigero
Vedic Chef & Ayurveda Practitioner

“My family has had great success with the Cardiovascular Harmony powder. I originally started taking it to help with a perioral dermatitis rash. I have noticed that my skin healed faster, so my husband started taking it. He noticed improvement with GERD and other stomach issues. We bought a container of the powder for our adult son, who swears by it now as well. Our 92-year-old mom has seen dramatic improvement in digestion and skin issues. We call it “Gumman juice” and my entire family takes it every morning. We recommend it highly.”

Mother & Harmony Nutraceuticals Customer

“My wife Malinda and I LOVE the Cardio Care formula powder. The increased vitality, energy and mental focus are just amazing. Who wouldn’t feel better with a substantial increase in blood circulation throughout your body! The cardio formula has made the biggest difference yet. Not only does this product offer a tremendous health benefit, but it tastes great, too! Thank you Dr. Gumman for your expertise in formulating this wonderful product and offering it as a proactive health solution.”

Husband & Harmony Nutraceuticals Customer

“My clients love Vital Synergy. They experience and notice high energy levels and increased levels of concentration and focus. I personally like Boswellia Gold. For me, it is very effective in immune harmony and relieving inflammation of joints. Most importantly, when you order, you always get the response very quickly. Thanks to Harmony and entire team!!”

Dr. Jaya Daptardar

Since I started taking Vital Synergy Heart Support, my sex life has improved immensely. Hubby enjoys my company again and we spend more quality time in the bedroom. Thanks


I am so impressed that Harmony Nutraceuticals is manufactured in the Heartland. The fact the key ingredients are grown on small family farms in India and come directly from nature is also commendable. Using Nobel Prize research in its development is pretty impressive.


Taking Vital Synergy Heart Support has given me more endurance, lowered my blood pressure, improved my memory and decreased leg cramps. Thanks for helping develop it, Dr. Gumman. I've always been impressed with your knowledge and skill set, but this product is incredible. Keep up the good work! Appreciate you.


The Lab

Manufactured using stringent quality control. Our synergistic technology harmonizes the best of ancient wisdom and modern science. Team includes doctors, scientists, pharmacists, organic farmers and sustainable harvesters.

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Ayurvedic Consulation

An Ayurvedic Consultation is a comprehensive exam with the intention of uncovering the root cause of what ails you––taking a step back and looking at the whole picture of your health history, lifestyle, and you as a person.

An Ayurvedic treatment plan can include anything ranging from lifestyle changes tackling emotional stressors to Ayurvedic herbs, supplements and remedies.